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tie Italian silk red squares
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tie Italian silk red squares

A traditional, but very stylish business tie made of the finest of silk, imprinted at well-known Italian silk manufacturers`, this stylish model can be worn to loosen up a traditional suit as well as for a festive ball, a floral pattern of little squares in shades of copper and blue is displayed on a bright cherry red background. Tie fabric, inlay, and inner lining have been cut at an angle of 45 degrees, guaranteeing the tie to have the required flexibility and a smooth drape. The thick and heavy inner lining used for this tie has a nice flex causing this tie to naturally straighten out after it has been untied. Ties by Cantucci are recognized as world class mens fashion accessories. Skilled craftsmen only use noble silk in the process of making these pieces of art. Set yourself apart by wearing this tie for your next business meeting. This tie has an overall length of 148 cm and a width of 8.5 cm at its widest point.
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