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tie grid design wine red
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tie grid design wine red

A delicate pattern of little squares embellishes the background of this excellently crafted men`s tie in nifty bordeaux red. A tie, woven of the finest of yarns, twisted multiple times, then cut into shape, and sewn by hand. Inlay and inner lining have been cut at an angle of 45 degrees, a neckwear designer?s trick giving the tie flexibility and the smooth drape. In other words, this tie doesn?t twist and turn, but holds its perfect straight drape. Thanks to its elastic inlay, wrinkles are quickly smoothened out again shortly after untying the tie. This is a Chevalier design. Ties by Chevalier are hand-made using only the finest woven fabrics sewn with skilled world-class workmanship. This fashionable tie gives your wardrobe the polished look you have been looking for. This elegant tie is 148 cm long with 8.5 cm at its widest point.
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