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Tie delicate polka dots pale pink
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Tie delicate polka dots pale pink

This subtle business tie made of gently opalescent microfibre features a background in pale pink with a delicate polka dot decor in pearly white. Tie fabric, inlay, and inner lining have been cut at an angle of 45 degrees, guaranteeing the tie to have the required flexibility and a smooth drape. The thick inlay of this tie lets wrinkles disappear quickly. Untying the tie after each wear, and rolling it up, will help remove wrinkles even faster. This tie is a designed and sewn by Puccini and thus guarantees for first-class materials and perfect workmanship. The elegance of this tie gives any collar style a more noble look. The size of this tie has a length of 148 cm and a width of 8.5 cm.
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