Business ties

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Company tie with weaved in or printed logo - promotional tie

Special company ties - weaving a logo, a tie in your individual corporate identity colours: no problem at all.

We would be happy to create a unique tie in your corporate design.

Ties with a woven logo

From a quantity of 100 pieces we can weave your logo directly into the tie. After sending us a template of the desired logo you will get a tie with your logo for inspection after 4 weeks. After your approval the complete batch will take anoter 5 weeks. For this we need somewhat more time since coordination and postal routes determine the process.

Ties flocked with your logo

For smaller quantities (from 25 ties) and especially for microfibre ties we recommend to have the logo fixed on the tie using the flexo printing method. Here, the motif is cut out from one or multiple adhesive foils with a cutting plotter and transferred onto the fabric using a transfer press. Costs are 2.50 per tie, shipping time is 1 week. While this method is especially suited for microfiber neckwear, it is also applicable on most even-surfaced silk ties.

Tie printed

In order to screen print ties, their quantity must be at least 150 pieces, since colour templates/films need to be produced with a lot of time and effort. For this, we also require a template from you. Alternatively, we can of course assist you in finding a suitable desire. You will get a completed tie after 4 weeks for approval. The price for printed ties depends heavily on the quantity.

Given a minimum quantity of 170 pc., we can also offer you high-quality screen printed women's neckerchiefs or shawls out of silk or microfiber expertly matched to the ties. Pricing depends on size and complexity.

If you plan to have a tie printed, flocked or you wish a logo to be woven in, then call us at 0049 511-220077-11, so we can discuss further details and make you an individual offer.