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business tie stripes filigree blue-green snowy white
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business tie stripes filigree blue-green snowy white

Not only for every-day business: Fashionable tie with stripes in snowy white on a rippled blueish green background. A high-quality tie, made from a fabric woven of the finest of 7-ply yarn. The fabric has been hand-cut and is hand-sewn into one excellent, high-quality necktie. The fabric and inlay have been cut at an angle of 45 degrees, giving the tie nice drape, free of wrinkles or unwanted twists. The inlay is thick and slightly rough so the tie straightens out again easily after each wear. In addition this unique inlay makes tying the perfect knot just that much easier. Not only first-class design but also high-end materials and superior craftsmanship make ties by Puccini, a designer rich in tradition, so special. This tie is proof for good taste. Regarding size: This tie is 148 cm long and thus nearly 3 cm longer than usual, so you can easily bind a double Windsor knot. Its width is just 8.5 cm, following today?s popular trend of slimmer ties.
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