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Fashion trends Men's fashion 2018

The trend towards a slim silhouette still goes strong - Slim-fit sports jacket, smaller shirt collar and slimmer tie: 8.5 cm is the standard width today. Cool suits and sports jackets with discreet designs and colours, all somewhat more plain, but therefore crafted more exquisitely, sometimes equipped with a playful, individual accessory. The matching pocket square for the breast pocket has returned, for instance. Shirts are usually white, however, black shirts are quite en vogue, too.

With men's ties plain-coloured or patterned ones are worn mostly. Apart from red and blue, also patterns and stripes on a black and anthracite-coloured background are becoming more and more popular. Rosé and brown for ties are out of fashion. With sportswear it's technically shimmering jackets, casually combined with more formal accents, e.g. with more modest and plain-coloured ties.